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6. JSpamFilter 0.1.3 released


JSpamFilter 0.1.3 was released on July 2nd 2008. JSpamFilter is a zope2 product to get a probability of spam, such as blog's comment. To install, the product requires spambayes-1.0.4. JSpamFilter provides wrapper methods of spambayes with unicode tokenaizer for japanese language.

You can download the JSpamFilter source.

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5. ZBrowser for Win

PyShogi 0.5.4 released

I've tried to make zbrowser.exe by py2exe. You will be able to run zope shogi browser without python environments.

Download PyShogi-0.5.x.lzh at ftp site, uncompress it, and then click zbrowser.exe file. (may be required msvcr71.dll or other run time libraries)

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4. PyShogi 0.5.2 released

zbrowser is a zope shogi client

PyShogi 0.5.2 has been released. PyShogi is a python shogi library and tool. Now, the tool is only which is browser for zope shogi client. Python Imaging Library (PIL) is required.

You can download tarball or rpm or source rpm .

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3. ZShogi 0.5.0 released


Updated zope shogi (japanese chess) product. You can download it at or my ftp site.

1. Added some public methods for www. Now you can create java applet easily. For examples: applet-1 (with awt class), applet-2 (with swing class).

2. Changed <ZShogi-object>/index_html method. New index_html method returns XML. You can see getting XML at .../games/R15_5 or ../puzzles/yabusame or ... by your own browser. It's useful to create zshogi original browser.

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2. Python Shogi Program


PyZume 0.1.0 has been released.

PyZume is a shogi program writen in python language and with tkinter. It aim to solve tsume-shogi experimentally, so it's not yet available ;-p)

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1. Dawn light


This is a Zope Shogi site. I'm going to write about ZShogi product or others.

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