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Habu's Words
Habu's Words
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I'd tried to display a Hubu's book. This is a part of the chapthe 9. The other view is here.

Chapter 9 Game 9
... Chiaki Ito (5-dan, Tailand) - Katsumasa Egoshi (5-dan, Brazil) Amateur World Championship, Final Game, New York 21-5-2000
  1 P76 P34   2 Bx22+ Sx22   3 B'45 G(61)52   4 Bx34 G32   5 P66 S33   6 B78 S62   7 S88 P64   8 S77 S63   9 R68 S54   10 K48   (Diagram 1)
Diagram 1 shows a rare opening formation of Black's sujichigaikaku-shikenbisha (parallel-diagonal bishop with fourth file rook).
Black has one pawn profit, but his bishop is on the board. Normally, comparing a bishop which is in hand with one on the board, the former is of higher worth; so White has lost a pawn but here the position is balanced.
White now played 10...K42, wich seems a natural move, but there is a better move here.
It is   10...P44   which, if ignored, will occupy a vangaurd position by   ...P45 next, and such moves as ...S34, ...G(52)43. And if   11 P46  then   11...P45   12 Px45 S34    (variation diagram D),   with White aiming next for ...S(34)x45, ...G(52)43, ...N33 or ..R42.
The move   10 G(69)58 is better for Black, instead of   10 K48, as it is then possible to oppose   10...P44 with   11 P46 P45   12 Px45 S34   13 G47    (variation diagram E)
We play the moves K48 and ...K42 without thinking, but considered from the point of view of thickness, it is an important position here. Espacially as Black already uses his bishop, and the result of this strategy will be shown by whether the path of the bishop stays open or not.
After White's 10...K42, both players continued development in good style with   11 K38 P14   12 P16 P74   13 K28 P44   14 S38 R72   15 P46 G(52)43    (diagram 2)

Yoshiharu Habu is first seven crowns professional title holder. HABU'S WORDS was published by The Shogi Foundation. ISBN 0-9531089-2-9

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