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Zope-2.7.2-RC1 象歩ブログ Hotfix_2004-07-13
14 July 2004

Hotfix で METALError 発生


さっそく Hotfix をローカルなマシンにインストールしたのですが、ZWiki-0.32 の FrontPage を開くと "METALError" が発生します。うちはテンプレートは関係ないと思ってたけど意外なところで使ってました。

zope-mlでも報告が上がってます。いまのところ最終の投稿は Josef Meileさんの Zope-2.7.2RC1 をインストールしたらうまくいったと言う話。

2004-july/151797 -- Fred Drake

This hotfix product fixes a security bug in Page Templates. This fix ensures that values substituted in named slots in translated elements are properly encoded. If encoding is not desired and the source of the replacement text is trusted, the "structure" modifier can be used with the tal:content or tal:replace attribute to explicitly disable encoding.

2004-july/151798 -- Mike Ekstrand

I installed the hotfix on my Zope 2.7.1 install (platform: win32), and am now getting errors in some pages using METAL.

2004-july/151802 -- Fred Drake

This is surprising. Did you restart Zope or did you somehow add the product to a running Zope process?

2004-july/151804 -- Mike Ekstrand

I restarted Zope via the Restart button in the Control Panel (have not tried restarting it via Win 2K3 Service Manager). Most of the site does not use any METAL and is working fine. Just the METAL portion is broken.

2004-july/151820 -- Florian Schulze

I get the same for every plone site in my zope installation.

2004-july/151825 -- Josef Meile

Yup, same here. I'm running Zope 2.7.1 + Hotfix_20040713 under gentoo linux kernel 2.4.22. I have a product which uses some macros and with the patch doesn't work. Removing it everything works perfectly.

2004-july/151827 -- Josef Meile

Ok, I solved it by installing 2.7.2-RC1. It seems that there is something wrong with the hotfix.

Hotfix_2004-07-14 でも METALError

その後 Hotfix_2004-07-14が出たのだが、やはり zope-mlで METALError が報告されている。うちの ZWiki-0.32 の FrontPage でもやはり、

・Module TAL.TALInterpreter, line 189, in __call__
・Module TAL.TALInterpreter, line 233, in interpret
・Module TAL.TALInterpreter, line 656, in do_useMacro

と表示される。もうすぐ Zope-2.7.2 が出ることだし、深追いはしないことに。

Posted by: owa at July 15,2004 21:02

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